Targeted botulinum toxin injections to correct wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrow, lip and eye contour.


A simple and safe treatment that will help you fight expression lines without involving the scalpel: it is Botox, the most widely used aesthetic medicine technique in the world. Used for almost thirty years to correct wrinkles, botulinum toxin often inspires the fear of an unnatural result in patients: continuous laboratory tests and increasingly precise injection techniques make it instead one of the safest treatments, which succeeds to enhance the beauty of the face without distorting the features.

Thanks to microinjections, a smooth skin can be obtained by significantly reducing wrinkles. The area that benefits most from the treatment is the upper middle third of the face.

  • Minimally invasive method
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • No risk
  • Absence of trauma to the tissues
  • Painless treatment
  • No pain or hematoma
  • No scar
  • Immediate recovery
  • Repeatable treatment


The treatment aims to treat expression wrinkles, caused by the contraction of the muscles of the face: the Botox acts on the muscle fiber, relaxing it and slowing it down. This eliminates the existing creases and prevents their return.
It is applied mainly on:

  • the forehead (horizontal lines of the forehead)
  • the eyebrows (glabella wrinkles and thinker wrinkles)
  • around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • around the mouth (barcode or “smoker’s wrinkles”)

Botox injections help to correct, without risk and in a temporary way, even the falling corners of the mouth and the eyebrows that give way due to aging.


The age group between 30 to 65 years of age is the one that generally responds best to treatment, because the wrinkles and sagging of the skin are still not excessive: after the age of 70 the skin is no longer toned and to have good results, surgical methods must be used like a facelift.
It will be the responsibility of Dr. Pin to assess the texture and tone of the patient’s skin, deciding which strategy to follow: each patient has a different skin and therefore requires a dedicated approach.

Botulinum toxin treatment

The procedure is ambulatory and takes place in a single session. Using a syringe with a very thin needle, the diluted solution of botulinum toxin is injected into the affected muscles. The injection is painless and recovery times are not necessary: the return to social life is immediate.

The results

The treatment effects will be visible within 48-72 hours and will last 4-6 months.
In fact, botulinum toxin is completely metabolized and degraded by our body over time.
The results will become fully visible after a few days, with wrinkles becoming less noticeable and the skin more smooth, thanks to the regenerating and lifting effect of the Botox.
For a greater rejuvenating effect on the face, the Botox may be associated with the infiltration of hyaluronic acid.
Dr. Pin uses Azzalure® and Vistabex® botulinum toxins for the treatment of expression wrinkles, of high quality and proven safe.


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