Remodeling surgery of the nose structures to correct aesthetic defects, results of traumas and functional disorders.


To improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose, and therefore of the face, it is possible to resort to rhinoplasty, a cosmetic surgery that allows the shape and size of the nose to be modified, harmonizing it with the face without distorting the proportions of the face. This intervention also allows correcting any functional disturbances in breathing, such as those related to a deviated septum.

  • Aesthetic improvement of the nose
  • A more harmonious face
  • Painless
  • General anesthesia
  • Improved respiratory function
  • Duration: 1 to 3 hours
  • Permanent results
  • Practically non-existent scars


The procedure can be performed at any age, as long as the development of the facial skeleton is completed. The result is permanent and is also influenced by the characteristics of the underlying osteocartilaginous skeleton.

The procedure

By correcting the shape of the nose it gives greater harmony to the face, harmonizing the features; moreover, for those who have difficulty with nasal breathing due to a deviated nasal septum and hypertrophic turbinates, it will be possible to improve breathing during the same operation.

Before the procedure, during a complete in-depth visit of a facial analysis; the doctor and patient will evaluate the shape of the nose, the imperfections, the expectations and the predictable results.  Also they will be provided with all the opportune indications to reduce the discomforts in the post-operative phase, as wells as the importance of not taking any anti-inflammatories for the 2 weeks before and after the procedure, in order to reduce the risk of bleeding.

The procedure begins with small incisions inside the nostrils, which therefore will not be visible from the outside (sometimes it may be necessary to make a small incision on that stretch of skin that separates the two nostrils). From here we proceed to expose, correct, and modify the underlying tissues. Sometimes, in the case of traumatic outcomes, it may be necessary to perform cartilage or bone grafts, which are usually taken from the nasal septum. During this phase, functional breathing defects will also be corrected. At the end of the procedure small sponge pads will be inserted into the nostrils (which will be removed after 3-4 days), and a fiberglass brace will be applied to the back of the nose, which will be removed after 8-10 days.

The post-operative phase

The healing times depends from patient to patient; bruises around the eyes and swelling of the face will usually be present; the bruises will disappear in 7-10 days, the slight swelling after a few more days. The patient will be able to get up immediately after surgery, but will have to wait a week for normal activities to resume. After 15 days you can resume a light sporting activity, while you will have to wait 3-4 weeks for physically more intense sports.

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