Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose, throat, and ear


As a specialist in Otolaryngology, Dr. Marco Pin offers his patients his long experience and offers surgical solutions and not to the main diseases that can affect the ear-nose-throat system.

From simple inflammations of the airways to the resolution of snoring up to reconstructive surgery to restore areas of the face that have been removed due to tumors, Dr. Pin will advise you on the best approach and will follow you throughout the treatment and healing process, relying on to the Otorhinolaryngology departments of the Pordenone and San Vito al Tagliamento hospitals.


Dr. Pin's answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on Otorhinolaryngology

I suffer from chronic snoring problems and I suspect I am subject to sleep apnea, because I never wake up completely rested, what can I do?

First of all, a visit with a specialist is to be carried out to understand the causes of snoring or wheezing, so as to assess whether sleep apnea is present and therefore does not allow for a proper rest and is also a health risk.
Including the causes and the origin of the disorder, it is possible to tackle the problem by acting surgically, if indicated, on the structures, in the nose, in the oral cavity or in the throat, which are the causes.

My 5-year-old son often suffers from otitis, what can I do?

Otitis is an ear infection that very often is linked to problems of nasal obstruction which facilitates the accumulation of secretions inside the ear, thus favoring infections.
The nasal obstruction / nasal infections and ear infections are correlated: it is therefore necessary to subject the child to an otorhinolaryngological examination to precisely define the cause of the disorder and decide on the most suitable therapy.

I do not breathe well due to the shape of my nose: how can I solve my problem?

The obstruction of the nasal airways can be caused by a deviation of the nasal septum, often associated with a turbinate hypertrophy, and perhaps even a deviation of the nasal pyramid, due to one’s growth or following a trauma.
An accurate specialist otorhinolaryngological examination and an evaluation of the nasal cavities with optical fibers will allow a correct diagnosis and to choose the most appropriate treatment.

What is sinusitis? What is the treatment for sinusitis?

This disorder is caused by the inflammation / infection of the paranasal sinuses surrounding the nasal cavities. These infections can be favored by a deviated nasal septum or by the presence of nasal polyps.
An otorhinolaryngology visit together with an endoscopy allows identifying the cause and the precise location of the problem and setting the appropriate therapy.

How can I book an ENT specialist visit with Dr. Pin?

Access the contact page and fill out the form with all the required data: name, surname, e-mail address. In the “Message” field you can briefly describe your disorder.
You will be contacted as soon as possible to define the date and time of the visit. Dr. Pin receives in his private practice in Sacile (Pordenone), at Fisiomed health center in Cordenons (Pordenone), at Blue Medical Center in Godega S. Urbano (Treviso) and at the “Zudecche Day Surgery” clinic in Trieste.