Pediatric otorhinolaryngology

Specialized otolaryngology services dedicated to children and the age of development.


Often children, during their growth, precisely as a result of the development of their immune system, are subject to recurrent infections in the upper airways or other disorders of the throat and ear.

These phenomena are due to the transition phase that the child goes through before developing his own efficient immune system, when the protection received by the mother during pregnancy is lost.

Developmental pathologies

Children should be accompanied and supported during this phase of their development and the infections they meet, recognized and treated promptly.
Infections of the lymphatic tissue of the nasopharynx (adenoids) or of the tonsils should be treated with medical therapy whenever possible. However, there are situations in which the frequency and / or intensity of these infections is such as to make surgical intervention appropriate (removal of the adenoids and / or tonsils).

Other pathologies

Patients suffering from more complex pathologies, such as deafness, delays in the development of language or malformation pathology, instead require an in-depth study and planning of treatments often integrated with the involvement of other Specialists in addition to the Otolaryngologist.
Dr. Pin offers his years of experience to offer his patients and their parents the most correct diagnostic and therapeutic path.

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